Current exhibition by Colin Aldred

The aerial photographs in this exhibition were all taken in Cumbria, and many are of the Furness area where I live. It is exciting to seek out landscapes, often in less well-known areas, and take photographs from heights and angles that no-one has ever taken photographs from before. I endeavor to present them in unexpected and creative ways, to create truly unique images of the natural environment.

There are two different styles of photographs on display in this exhibition. The Little Planets are distorted circular worlds, developed from painstakingly constructed 360° photographs. The Panosquares are created by taking two panoramic aerial photographs – one looking to the horizon and one looking to the ground below – and merging them together. I hope you enjoy these alternative representations of the living world.

The framed prints are made with archive quality ink on museum grade paper and, if looked after, should last a lifetime.

All artwork are for sale.

Large print £75, Small print £30

To see more of my artwork, please go to Any photographs on my website can also be printed.